HELIOS II system is a Frequency doubled Q-switched Nd:YAG with a Free-Running Pulse Mode.
Its innovative and unique Micro fractional Hand Piece which contains a Diffractive Optical Element "DOE" (patented) allows, among others, procedures for toning the skin through micro-columns without generating heat and consequently prevents the formation of pigmentary disorders characteristic of other Nd : YAG lasers which applies treatment techniques using high doses of energy.
It is extremely versatile and you can select two pulse types, Q-switched or free-running.
Dual Wavelength: 1064 nm and 532 nm are available
LASEROPTEK resonator design allows HELIOS II to operate your system for long periods of time without suffering from the energy changes characteristic of other systems of Nd: YAG
Its repetition frequency of 10 Hz at 532 nm can work faster in tattoo removal
3 Handpieces, Zoom, collimated and micro Fractional.
Flexible with energy levels up to 1.0 J Q-switched mode, and up to 2 Joules in Free running mode.
The highest Q-switched energy at 532 nm (500 mJ) and the highest repetition rate (10Hz) allows tattoo removal procedures with the highest speed without causing discomfort to patients
Only system with a 2 years limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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