SuperPulsed vertical laser with a DC excited linear sealed glass CO2 laser tuve refrigerated by an internal wáter recirculation system with maximun optical powers of up to 30 watts with pulses up to 8 milliseconds (limited to 120 mJ per FDA).
First Fractional CO2 laser with skin analyzer technology that allows you to optimize treatment parameters depending on the type of skin to be treated.
Quadruple lasing system, Fractional, Ultra pulsed, super pulsed and CW.
The new fractional hand piece ensures unprecedented accuracy in the laser industry. Combine different scanning modes such as linear, convergent, divergent, randomized pulse emission and the exclusive fractional continuous or dynamic.
Selenium substrate mirrors on the laser tube, sapphire windows and lamellar cooling system ensures a longer life for your system. Three magnetic tips to select the right spot size for each application, 100, 300 and 600 microns in diameter.
The system "dark edge compensation" (DEC) will ensure that the edges of the scans are performed with the same energy density that the central area of surfaces. High quality materials, plus a very intuitive user interface make the Bison Fire-Xel Fractional CO2 laser the treatment tool you can rely on for all your rejuvenation procedures.

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