The same features of HM-IPL-B3 plus the following advanced features:
The SUPRA technology incorporates additional Fluorescent Pulsed Light Handpieces specifically designed to achieve specific aesthetic goals such as Painless Epilation, Rejuvenation and others.
The Handpiece incorporates dual filtering technology which eliminates the deep infrarred part of the emission spectra that normally causes discomfort . The second filter uses a pass band filter together with a UV excited dye that fluoresces at the required wavelength adding to the overall efficiency.
DEC Technology produces precise pulse energies in correspondence to the energy selected on display.
A 2000 Watts Square Wave Power Supply ensures the emission spectra has the same color balance during the pulse width and
at the same time keeps the same fluence at the treatment site minimizing the occurrence of PIH due to high peak and irregular emmisions.
The new SUPRA type of handpieces allows to drive the handpiece up to 10 Hz speed (depending on Skin Type) which added to the large spot size performs large treatments in as much as 10 minutes.
Also, lifetime for these handpieces is up to 100.000 shots.

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