This is a smoke evacuator system used to evacuate fumes produced by laser ablation of tissue which helps for patient comfort, environmental protection and care of equipment.
The tissue ablation produced by short and high energy doses of laser energies produces an effect which launches fumes with odors during surgery into the environment produced by the heating of the dermis during treatment.
Such vapors not only produce undesirable odors in the vicinity of the patient and the medical staff, but also can make contact with the optics of laser equipment; making subsequent laser shots to pass through these micro particles that are stuck to the lens, burning the sensitive coating on them and reducing the optical efficiency of the system while producing an ineffective treatment.

To avoid these problems, we present NAIM 100, a smoke evacuator specifically designed for that purpose.
• Smoke Aspirator high efficiency triple filter .
• Facilitates removal of vapors produced during laser ablation of CO2, Er: YAG and Nd: YAG
• The unique filter consists of three filter types: carbon filters, HEPA Filter and Pre filter.
• Specifically designed for ablative treatments.

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