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Non-surgical Facelift. Tensioning of the skin of the face, neck, arms, legs and abdomen. Reduction of pores and acne. Decreased facial wrinkles and furrows.
SCARLET is an innovative RF technology with micro needles developed by the company VIOL from South Korea to help regenerate the substances that are needed to keep the skin taut and young.
Its application is simple, painless, fast and does not damage the skin, with a result similar to lifting.
Many women, reached its 40 years, begin to worry about the changes they see in her bodies. Scarlet is the ideal system to reduce expression lines and treat sagging face, neck, abdomen, legs and arms.
This technology applies electromagnetic radiation directly to the aged tissue, in the deeper layers of the skin, to cause a large energy mobilization.
SCARLET produces a gradual warming of the skin, acting mainly on existing collagen fibers, strengthening them and producing-effect called colagenogenesis (the formation of new collagen), leading to the contraction of the skin and reduce sagging. During the procedure is perceived a feeling of warmth in the treated area, without being annoying or painful. Although the skin may be red, it gradually disappears during the course of the day.

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