IPL from Weifang Huamei incorporates a high efficiency triple wáter cooling system such as air , forced cooling and semiconductor cooling to cool the area of application before, during and after the light pulse.
The system incorporates multipulse technology that adjusts the system to treat a variety of hair colors and thickness.
It also includes spectral filters to allow the system to work in other cosmetic and dermatological applications such as Acne, Vascular, Epilation, facial skin tightening, etc..
The cooling of the handpiece by distilled water ensures a long life and high repeatability between pulses.
Xenon lamps manufactured in the United States ensure efficient behavior to the 30,000 shots or more (depending on use and maintenance). The cooling system with internal water purifier reduces the frequency with which the water must be renewed in the system. It also helps clean the internal cooled parts from various impurities which previously produced energy reduction issues and lifetime of the handpiece.
Huamei teams have a warranty on parts and labor for one year. The hand pieces are warranted for 30,000 shots or 6 months (whichever applies first)
The source of high power of 1200 watts ensures stable frequency of repetition between shots up to 1 Hz maximum pulse energy. The handpiece incorporates a new pulse counter that tell the user when to change the flash lamp. Also the novel filters with polycarbonate holder avoid the problem of unexpected finger burn that occurred with the former metal holder when the doctor removed the filters out from the handpiece.

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