"Spider" Treatment, much more easier.

Treatment of superficial vascular lessions has been performed since several yearswith different substances. This substances are injected through very thin needles inside the blood vessels, which produces an endothelium irritation and subsequent closure.

Aging of the hands, pigmented lesions.

Aging not only affects the skin of the face, but also the hands. Hands may start showing signs of aging before face does. The skin on the back of the hand is much thinner than the face, and contains much less fat.

Post-Inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH)

This type of pigmented lesions as the name implies describes the final stage of an inflammatory process suffered by the skin. The red area is the first evolutionary step and is due to vascular dilation, then comes the dark pigment.

New FOX Laser Assisted Lypolisis Technique.

A safer and less aggressive method to get rid of  localized fat deposits and improve cellulitis.


Lengitines and freckles.

The Ephelides or freckles are small macules (spots), usually 1 to 2 mm in diameter, light brown in sun-exposed areas.
The lengitines are lesions usually multiple, often on exposed areas like the face and back of hands.


Are hyper pigmented maculae (dark spots) that affect the face. It consists of several hyper pigmented patches with not well defined edges symmetrically distributed on the face.


Novel treatment for Onychomicosis.

The end of an enemy that seemed invincible.

The Peeling Method that Revolutionizes Europe.

Carbon Peeling is the latest non-invasive method and it can be done on all skin types, any time of the year, even a few hours before going to a party. Carbon Peeling is just one of the many treatments performed with the micro fractionated laser technology built into the Helios II.

Actinic keratosis and seborrheic keratosis.

Son tumores benignos de la superficie de la piel. La afección por lo general aparece después de los 40 años de edad.

Laser to remove skin and benign cysts.

Great news in the dermatological field: New treatments with devices that use laser energy can eliminate benign skin tumors (as keratoses, keratoacanthomas, warts, nevi, adenomas, molluscs, keloids or xanthelasma) without resorting to surgery.


Rosacea as many other diseases have an hereditary component, but is composed by a series of factors that increase blood flow to the skin.

Tattoo removal.

Today, hiding a tattoo is no longer necessary since the new FDA approved Helios II System manufactured by LASEROPTEK Co of South Korea easily erase tattoos on people whom, for one reason or another, failed to identify with. The treatment involves the use of a "Diffractive Micro Fractional Laser Technology" whose main advantage is to get optimum results with no undesirable consequences.




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